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May 31, 2009


So far what I've written about The Stones and Warhol in Montauk has been as true as I can ascertain. Vermeer and family of course, being the exception.
I had a studio in Montauk in the early 70's, so the research has been unusually interesting.
Last year a BBC documentary, "The FBI at 100", revealed that the Hells' Angels plotted to kill Mick Jagger. They felt that they were unfairly targeted for being responsible when a fan died at the infamous Altamonte Calif. concert, and angry about being locked out of any future concerts.
To quote former FBI agent Mark Young- " their plan involved making entry onto his Long Island property, going by boat. As they gathered the weaponry and their forces to go out on Long Island Sound, a storm rolled up, which nearly sunk the watercraft they were in, and they escaped with their own lives".
And according to Long Islands' Newsday:
"Details of this plot were also released in a book published in 2001 by the Smoking Gun.
Interesting if true. The Altamonte concert was in 1969, but Andy Warhol did not buy the Montauk property until years later. The compound was on the ocean, not the sound, and even then, I doubt if any of the Angels was capable of scaling the bluffs there, which were closer to being cliffs. They would have had to charter a boat in Montauk, I would think. At any rate the whole mess would not have been a secret for long. But what a concept.

I don't like to pass up a creative opportunity, however:

True: In May, 1975, Mick Jagger cut his wrist on a glass door while in Montauk, and received stitches in the emergency room of Southampton Hospital. I was told (by an onlooker, my best buddy) that word got around fast. Then it was like moths to a flame.
True: For those of you unfamiliar with Montauk, but familiar with Jaws: Quint, the sharkhunter, was inspired by Frank Mundus, who ran a shark fishing charter out of Montauk.

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