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May 8, 2009

More About That Dashing Dueling Duo

For all those who are curious about the legendary relationship and the ear thing, a link to a book review in the UK's Telegraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/art/art-news/5274073/Van-Goghs-ear-was-cut-off-by-friend-Gauguin-with-a-sword.html
Its been said before, that Gauguin was an amateur fencer, that it was only the lobe, not the whole ear, that it was an accident, that they had been -surprise-drinking, that it was a cover up.
I would like to add a comment on the other legends of Van Gogh's madness and suicide.
Great artists are commonly romanticised to a fault, by the public, by the gallery system, by the collectors, at times by the artists themselves.
I recommend a book titled "the Van Gogh File"by Ken Wilke, a nifty piece of detective work. Aside from the Ear Incident, there was his misery about being supported by a loving brother who now had a wife and child to support as well. Theo's support was more than rent or food or love, it included massive amounts of paint for an artist that literally lived to paint.
The "madness " was explained by a disease that was accepted in the generations before, but not in the Victorian era. Thence another cover up. There were other complications of course, including his family history.
The irony is that Van Gogh (albeit by his own hand), Gauguin, and even Theo, ultimately died of the same disease.


  1. Thanks for the book tip. I too wrote about this subject a few days ago. Come over to my site please and have a look.

  2. Sure did.You quote extensively from The Complete Letters, which is also a must for Van Gogh fans.I dispute your comment on the "paint eating" however, unless you were joking. Its another myth that I'm going to touch on in a few days,and then its onto another legend.