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May 30, 2009


To continue with The Mysterious Guest at the Memory Motel..........

It is said that the proprietors of the motel did not like rock music. True.
They also did not like contemporary art in any form, and thought that the Stones and Andy Warhol were a good match and out of earshot.
They were thrilled, however to welcome J. Vermeer and family on holiday.

Note: See previous post, "FUN WITH VERMEER"

You know whats coming, don't you?
Plein Air Painting on Gosman's Dock, Montauk...MC

Vermeer read about Warhols' Montauk compound in Dans Papers, and as a fellow artist attempting to be open-minded, and certainly curious about the new art, arranged for a visit.
Note: As much as I'd like to claim that they met while surfing at Ditch Plains, I'm trying to keep this within reason.

At any rate, since Vermeer didn't drive ( for obvious reasons), Warhol, whose famous motto, or one of them, was " look poor and think rich", picked him up in his Rolls Royce.
Vermeer was so impressed with Andy's paintings that he commissioned him to paint his teenage daughters' portrait. She put her best earrings on.

The Girl With The Pearl Earring .. J.V., A.W., M.C.

While sitting for her portrait at the compound, Ms. Vermeer was entertained by her sister, equally bored, who played the lute.

As night follows day, the girls heard the Rolling Stones rehearsing nearby, and need I elaborate on what followed? Pandemonium. They even treed Keith.

Of course, since the sitting was so abruptly terminated, Andy couldn't finish the portrait. He decided to change his approach to portraits by leaving them unfinished , and multiplying the image on the canvas.
Note: Technically, they were serigraphs, but its my blog.

Epilogue: Mr. J.Vermeer, upon learning that two of his daughters were groupies, and fearing for the chastity of his other daughters, and sons for that matter, quickly booked a barque and took his family back to the Netherlands.
Note: It may have been too late. See "Cherry Oh Baby", R.Stones. 1976


  1. Fun!! Love the "Girl" multiple a la Warhol.

  2. Thanks. And thanks to Photoshop, his multiples will live on in other hands.