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Jun 13, 2009


Tired of making Art with a capital A?
Looking for new ways to stay out of the studio?
Are your brushes clean?
Give it up for awhile and paint a wall.

Chimney wall...Detail

Our new house has a gas fireplace, which I've grown very fond of. Especially when all I have to do is flip a switch. I didn't want to overdo it, so didn't order the remote control. A little humility here.

The builders idea of a mantel was painted particle board.
Original chimney wall
I looked around a little and found an old yellow pine mantel. Luckily for me it fit, with no room to spare.
From the beginning I had thought to reproduce the chimney my husband and I discovered under the plaster when doing some restoration on a 1780 Quaker house some years earlier.
With paint of course, what else?
The existing walls had been painted with an off-white acrylic based paint, in an eggshell finish, so I didn't have to any prep work.
I wasn't about to build a scaffold, or climb up and down a ladder-this is a 10' ceiling- so having the stones only partially exposed appealed to me.
And stopping within reach.
I drew the stones very loosely with charcoal, then thined acrylic and a brush. It was important to arrange them so that they would make sense structurally.

Since they were fieldstones, I could play with the color, and used sponges a lot.


I've removed the glass door, which is probably, no certainly, a code violation.
There needs to be something, if only a nail, on the upper white part.

I'll get around to it one of these days.

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  1. Looks neat.
    Can I hire you to paint a wall in my house?

  2. What a wonderful way to deal with the blank wall you had!! I love the way you've stopped, leaving the feel of a work in progress -- or maybe an archeological find!!

  3. Thank Chris and Cathyann..My neighbor keeps asking "When are you going to finish that?" sigh .......

  4. Wonderful job on the stonework - and a lot of work! I had a period where I did a lot of wall work and still have periods of drawing little things in unexpected places.

    The funny thing is that I have almost an exact fireplace in real field stone and I hate it with a passion. It came with the house and its twin is in my basement.

  5. Thanks Jeanette
    Well hell, glue drywall over the stone and go for it. You could do the basement one in brick.
    In our same stone house we uncovered a wall that had been whitewashed. Couldn't get it off the stones, so I painted the stone to look like stone.Try explaining that.On my website I have a few photos of all 4 walls of a kitchen I did in Cotswald stone.(with things in little places) New owner painted over it. Yeah, lots of work.