This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Jun 29, 2009


I moved from Long Island, NY to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia about three and a half years ago because of a series of events that I wouldn't want to live through again, if indeed I could.

That said, the Valley is heartbreakingly beautiful and a reminder of rural life as it was, kept that way because you can't get there from here, and vice versa. There are no trains, no buses, no airport limo service (Dulles Airport is 100 miles). Without a car, you've had it. And in that case, the only way out of the Valley is by ambulance.

UPDRAFT 12x12" Oil over Acrylic (c) Margery Caggiano

The hills are alive-with buzzards and bats, as a result, mosquitoes are few and the roads are clean.

My recent return flight from Denver, via United -we stand, we sit, we walk, we wait, but we don't fly-Airlines took , door to door, 17 hours. Since Denver is about 1300 road miles, I figure that I could have driven it in the same amount of time. Well, almost, and with no pit stops. To be fair, the weather was bad, and the Captain refused the first plane because of electrical problems. Considering that it was an Airbus, I was grateful.

Actually I was stopped on the earlier drive to Dulles by a peach-fuzzed 16 year old state trooper who smelled of baby powder. He had me cold doing 83, so I was surprised to get only a warning. Sweet thing. What may have saved me was the birth date on my license-I could hear the wheels turning, and a clean record, no credit to me, as a result of being married to a current, then retired, Nassau County policeman. No, I didn't mention that part to him.

Back to this painting, which was done in acrylic. I felt that it was lacking something, so I did some glazing with oils using Liquin as a medium, which I modify with 50% or so of mineral spirits. . There is a danger of getting slick with any full bodied medium, and I try to avoid that. Finally, I used a painting knife to apply touches of almost pure white to the clouds


  1. Beautiful picture and as always, an entertaining story.
    Between police pullovers and flights to Denver we share a lot in common!Thanks for the smiles.

  2. hay marge...welcome back...i love your blog.. how can i become a follower...truly its very cool..i got our boy miles reading it too....he has his paintings on flickr/photos/liberationplease..check it out.....we went to storm king art center yesterday on the way back from albany...some very big calders ..david smiths etc....beautiful day and place....love..den