This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Jun 11, 2009


The Redhead Stage 4
I haven't made up my mind yet about the background. Although it won't be gray. Whatever colors I use usually demand changes elsewhere.
My inclination has almost always been to leave empty space, to isolate the figure. I'm tempted however, to put the figure in a related (to him or her)environment and see where it leads.
Out of habit I like to paint in series, to build bridges between paintings.
I'm going to have to work out the problem of sources. Not to violate copyright issues, for instance. When I've worked from photos, I've taken them.
I'm incapable of painting a figure that is posing, much less having someone in the same room.
There is an immediacy in the candid snapshot that I like. Confrontation? Or maybe because it engages the photographer.
It took a few dogs and a cat to prove that to me. Silly.
Images from the internet allow me to find a photo that I want to use, particularly if it's someone that I would never get to photograph in person.
But in some cases it will come back to bite me. As in the Keith painting.
If it's on the internet, someone will paint it. I just hate it when it's better.

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