This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Jun 14, 2009


If you weren't sure of who this was before, you should be now.
She's pretty easy to identify. See Christo & JeanneClaude link .

"The Redhead" acrylic on linen 16x20"

2 earlier stages

I've been playing with the idea of going back to the way I used to work, which was starting a painting in acrylics and finishing with oils. It's one reason I prefer to start by painting thinly, and especially with as little gloss as possible, for the sake of adhesion.
I miss the smell and the lush quality of oil paint. The oils I have were bought a long time ago, including a bunch from a store that was going out of business. I wanted to try a better brand and looked through a few catalogs yesterday.
Let's stop this absurd piece of fiction- List Price versus Sale Price.
Isn't it ironic, or sad, that of all of the businesses connected with fine art make more money than the artists do.
Even the elephant that paints (see "Everyone's An Artist") gets peanuts.
Luckily I learned a long time ago, out of necessity, that a lot of colors can be made from the primaries, if you get the right ones. There are a lot of reds, but only one or two that, when mixed with the right blue, can make a brilliant purple. For instance. But you know that.
Are you also aware that oil paintings will bring a higher price than acrylic paintings? It's not for archival reasons, if so it would be the other way around. It's tradition, it's the public and the galleries and yes, judges. Listing Acrylic under medium may have worked against me with my "Rejected, Dejected" painting.
If I do more on The Redhead I'll post her on my website.

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