This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Jun 10, 2009


I downloaded another photo from the internet, a woman in a crowd, taken by a tourist. I tried to trace him with no luck.
I isolated and cropped the figure I wanted , then flipped it horizontally.
The canvas is linen (J66 from Utrecht), 16x20. I saturated the linen with a sponge and water after stretching it, gave it one coat of toned gesso while it was still wet, and then let it dry overnight. Then a second coat, and when it was dry, I sanded the surface lightly.
The drawing was done with a watercolor pencil, then a brush with thinned burnt sienna acrylic. The pencil is then easily washed off, or not.
I don't do a tight detailed drawing, because I don't want to stay within the lines, and I might. Aside from placement and composition, the lines are unimportant at this stage.
The Redhead Stage 1
Since this canvas doesn't have a landscape under it, as Keith did (see Downloading Keith, May 5) it is still fairly absorbent, so I thinned the paint and initially applied it in transparent washes.
The Redhead Stage 2
I wasn't happy with the dead-on shoulders, so cut in with the gray ground. At this point I decided to play off her yellow-orange hair with the blue-violet complement. Its only paint.
I'm not trying for a likeness, and don't actually want it, but not trying is the only way to get it. We'll see. But this is really painting about personality via hair.

The Redhead Stage 3

I'll have a few more stages next post.

Keith is still propped up face to the wall and waiting. (ho)

I've found that starting another painting helps to resolve the first. If anyone cares, I'm unable to paint sitting down, so standing all day, even propped on a stool, has become more difficult. My 8 hour painting days are over I fear.


  1. Fascinating to see this take shape -- the purple coat against the red-orange hair is luscious!!

  2. Your stamina may be limited, but your talent is not, and never will be.