This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Jun 6, 2009


I took a candid photo at a gallery (Love Lane) opening in Mattituck, L.I.
The usual refreshments and a lot of wine, being a wine growing area.
I liked the photo and started a painting.
Stage 1

Stage 2 Detail
I wasn't happy with the lower right side of the painting. It's always something.

Stage 3 Detail
So I turned the water into wine-sorry- and fiddled with the olives.

Final Stage
Beth and The Counter (c) Acrylic on Linen 36x24"

I kind of liked it, and being competitive and fairly new to the area, I entered it along with a few others into an annual competition near where I live in Virginia.
All were rejected. I don't mind rejection (well I do, obviously) if its a healthy competition with qualified judges.
I can only assume that my paintings weren't what the judges expected good art to be. Or didn't fit in. I guess that can be a good thing.
Many years ago I taught a course that I named "Contemporary Realism", and was told by another art professor that there was no such thing. Huh?
At any rate, take heart all of you who agonize over judges decisions, and know it can be a crap shoot.
Since revenge is a dish, as you know, that's best served cold.......
A few months later I entered the painting in a national competition, The Fort Wayne Museum of Art's "Contemporary American Realism 2008 Biennial", a nifty show with a full color catalogue.
If I hadn't been juried in , I wouldn't be doing this post, now would I?


  1. As the (grown up) kids say, You Rock.

  2. I second the motion, R.!!! This painting is in the good company it deserves at the biennial, Margery. Congratulations!!

  3. Can I third a motion? I just love the attitude you have. And the humor. and.....Needless to say but I will, your figures. Congrats and hats off to perserverence in addition to talent and strong work.

  4. Thank you RGB, Chris, Eliz and Cathyann for your kind words.
    I enjoy doing figurative work more than any other subject, but it can be a real challenge.
    That might be part of the appeal, ya think?