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Jun 27, 2009


I've been lax about blogging this past week. Visiting family in Denver, one of which arrived on this earth six months ago. Shiny and tiny and silky. A star.


Instead of a day trip to the mountains to see the wildflowers, supposedly spectacular this year because of more rain than usual, my daughter and I drove to Loveland. A happy discovery, that Wayne Thiebaud's "70 Years of Painting" was at the museum there.

I've been trying to learn where, as a traveling exhibition, it will be going next. No luck there. At any rate, if you paint, or if you don't, see it!!

If you like to eat, see it!

Yes, he's still alive and well and articulate, (don't miss the video interview that accompanies the show) still "painting what he wants to paint", and always returning to his favorite themes, food, the beach, California land and streetscapes.

But his painting is not about subject matter, it's about how he applies the paint, the stunning color, the high-key versus low-key, the surprises that you find in a single mundane eclair. Rather than an "artists' artist" he's a painters' painter.

"Candy Apples" Wayne Thiebaud

I used to haunt the galleries* in the sixties and seventies. Whether it was Alan Stone, or the Whitney, he was one of my favorites. Wrongfully, I think, lumped in with the "Pop" movement. His landscapes are beautifully thought out-twisted perspective-true abstracts.

*Sorry, I'm referring to New York. Never referred to as New York City. On Long Island and New Jersey, and probably Connecticut, you were going to "the city". And for you out of state tour guides -they are not "New Yorkans". Jeez.

The critics and writers, (rarely can they do both well), do love to pigeon hole, to categorize painters. I think they need to compare, to drag out the art history, to use the names.

While I'm at it, the French probably hate us because they haven't been the center of the art world since the Impressionists. Well, one reason anyhow. It takes a snob to know a snob.


  1. Cutie, ...and where did you find those glasses?? I have grandbabies in denver too!..Much too far away.
    Yeah, I agree, Wayne is a painter's painter.Thanks again for your link, lucky you to see it in person!
    Doesn't everyone know that 'the galleries' are in New York????LOL

  2. I live in Boulder and thanks to your post, I now know about the Thiebaud show in Loveland! I take it it's quite worth the drive? Is it a big show? Thanks,

  3. Jala,It's not only 70 years of painting, it's a hundred paintings and drawings, it includes an inspirational long video interview in another room,and its one of the most interesting shows I've seen in a long time.
    If you paint, and the genre doesn't matter, don't miss it.!