This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Jul 16, 2009


It was one of my few down days when I opened the door to the UPS"Men in Brown"delivery guy. I was thrilled to read the return address on the package.


Were my prayers answered? Or was I in a Steven King novel?
Nah. It was my hard copy of Norton 360.
Symantec is getting fulfilled, is who.

On that note, (how's that for a segue?) here's a little about paint media for oils. For starters, when the quick drying alkyd paint came out, I bought a set. It didn't take long to realize that using the medium only-Winsor Newton calls theirs Liquin-with regular oils accomplishes the same drying speed. Without the concern of the paint drying in the tube. Duh. Alkyd resin is available as a gel also under different trade names. It also contains dryers, sometimes silica for body. I don't particularly like the surface buildup, for lack of a better word, so I cut it with mineral spirits. A so called "magic" medium such as Marogers contains many additives along with mastic varnish . Trust me, it won't make you paint like Rembrandt.


Pretty impressive drawing, yes? Especially considering that the original is the size of a postage stamp.

Blockx, which makes an exceptionally high quality paint, also makes an "Amber Medium", a resin that lays claim to"transparency and radiance" etc etc. I'll never know, because a 50 ml bottle is $441 list. So Keep It Simple. Skip the dryers, they can lead to cracking. You don't need turpentine. Don't use unrefined hardware store linseed oil.

A good practice is to start your painting with rapid drying paint: Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, Pthalo Blue, Pthalo Green, Flake White (aka Lead or Cremnitz White) and a rapid drying medium: 6 parts mineral spirits, 2 parts sun-thickened linseed oil, and 1 part dammar varnish. Slow drying paints and medium are: Any of the Cadmiums, Ivory Black, Lamp Black, Vermillion, and Zinc White. All other colors fall in between.

If anyone has anything to add or correct, feel free, I'd like to know. Also, the finished Keith Richards painting, and The Redhead, have been added to my website.


  1. $441???!!!me neither.
    Keith and the Redhead are Fab. OOPS, I mean cool, uh....no..what exclamation is in now???
    Margery, thanks for the update on the mediums. Maroger smells anyway.
    The drawing of Bob jr, rocks too...ah, there, now I"ve got it.

  2. Thanks Cathy. I converted the amount of expensive medium. 50ml to oz and got 1.75.Seems impossible. Its either a misprint or the fountain of youth.