This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Jul 3, 2009


Just when I think it's safe to dip a toe into the art world, another shark or two come along.
I've been "nominated" to exhibit in the Florence Bienniale. Huh? Blah blah blah blah feet of wall space blah blah blah euros, converts to about $3800 to put a pretty fancy name on my resume.
That doesn't include crating and shipping of course.
Silly me. I'm assuming that's Florence, Italy.
Read the small print, and decide whether it's worth the gamble. Paintings sent to big venues in Europe have been known to disappear. Do some research. Luckily, I could never afford to show in Europe.
And if you want a show in New York, or any other big city, and don't know a vanity gallery from a co-op from a legitimate gallery, stay home and save your money. I have no problem with co-ops, (only if they're artist/member run) they can sometimes be an introduction to contacts you wouldn't get otherwise. Not to mention feedback and friends.I've been in several, and they're a good solution if you want to control your work.
While I'm feeling irritable, which seems to be a lot of the time, I'll repeat my mantra.


Jerry's has been for many years, one of my favorite art suppliers. They're running a series of art competitions that I looked into. Wow free entry? That's a surprise. Of course you have to buy the brand that's sponsoring the contest. Hmmm. No big deal. The big prize money is kind of a gift certificate to use at Jerry's. Hmm. Retail value I presume. Oh well. They get a great mailing list. OK why not. At least it's free, right?
"All entries must be sent copyright free and be allowed use in future Jerry's Artarama advertising promotions"

Not just winners, all entries. How do they get away with that? You let them.

The response will be, so don't enter. So screw the artists, there are plenty more out there.

And if, somewhere down the line, you see your work used in a way you never intended because you gave it away, don't say I didn't warn you.

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