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Jul 20, 2009


This was just east of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northern Virginia. Loudoun County, to be precise. Since then development straightened the roads and leveled the land. It came to a screaming halt when the real estate market tanked, but too late.

GOODBYE VA 28x44" acrylic on linen (c)Margery Caggiano

I've always been fascinated by hay rolls, and thought that the ones in this painting took on a menacing quality. Like rolled up Triffids. Does anyone else remember John Wyndham's

"Day of The Triffids"?

The Shenandoah Valley in July photo-M.Caggiano

This is New Market, looking west towards the Allegheny Mountains. I took this yesterday because it's Triffid season, it was a beautiful day, and I needed to play catch-up in the garden as well. Sure enough, the aliens have landed. For the first time in my life I saw this thing in my butterfly bush. It looked like a cross between a Hummingbird, a huge bee, and a shrimp. My camera wasn't able to get the wings.(now I know why) A call for help and some time spent on the internet, and, voila, a Clearwing Hummingbird Moth. Who knew? ....I've christened it a Humbee.
I'd like to thank Cathyann of Cathyann's Studio for forwarding the Bella Sinclair Award to me.


  1. Fun post, Margery. Humbee. Good one.
    You are welcome for the award.

    Had to jog my visual memory of Triffids.
    I hate the hay roled in plastic. Passed some in upstate NY and they look like giant cigarette filtertips! What would Monet make of it???

    Love your colors in GoodbyeVA!

  2. I was just commenting to my husband yesterday that the perennial morning glory vine on the fence reminded me of Triffids!! Must be something going around!! ;-D

    And the hummingbird moth -- I saw them for the first and only time in Germany. My husband was at a scientific working session held at a gasthof in the Black Forest and the moths were abundant and frequent visitors to the ubiquitous hanging flower baskets. I've never seen them in the US.

  3. p.s. Love the painting!! -- great color and fab composition!!

  4. Thanks Cathy and Chris.The painting is not a new one but it fit the subject.
    Re:Day of The Triffids" I was referring to the original 1951 book, not the bad 1962 movie. And I'm sure the younger generation doesn't have a clue about either. (ahem)
    As far as the "moths" my daughter says they're in Denver.

  5. I listened to the Triffids book on tape (notice I said tape!!) some years ago. There was a movie?

  6. According to Wikipedia; 2 movies, a condensed version of the book, and a British miniseries on TV. After I posted this, I ordered the miniseries from Netflix, will let you know.

  7. LOVE those Blue Ridge Mountains and LOVE this painting!

  8. Just popped over from Cathyann's blog, and I want to say I really like your work and your blog is extremely entertaining to read as well. I'm adding you to my blogroll and look forward to more visits!

  9. Beautiful painting, love the colors and the composition.