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Aug 15, 2009


In late May of 1969 I was set up in my usual spot, the corner of Washington Place and Greene Street, in Greenwich Village; doing the semi-annual Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit. If memory serves me, someone made the rounds handing out fliers about an upcoming "music and art fair" somewhere upstate. We were a good source for a lot of the outdoor shows since we were (more or less) juried in. But I might also have gotten the flier in the mail, being on the mailing list, which is more likely, because even June might have been too early. Whichever it was, I sure wish I'd kept the flier....
I thought about it (Woodstock) for about five minutes. Nah.
I had to look it all up on the internet this week, and it jogged my memory, which is pretty good ordinarily, considering how much ground I have to cover. I understand that if any art, or artists for that matter, survived Woodstock, the art would be very valuable.
Anyhow, while surfing for information, I learned a few things about the Washington Square show that I wasn't aware of. It began in 1931 during the depression when some of the Village artists put their work out on the sidewalks to pay the rent. Among them were Willem DeKooning, Jackson Pollock, and Alice Neel. Oh My.
I don't remember when I dropped out, but The Village show continues.
PS: In case you missed my latest News In The Department of Self-Promotion, and if not me, who else? I made the finals for this years ArtKudos. I'm pleased mostly because I'm in some great company, go see


  1. Thanks Chris, I presume artKudos,not the Village Show in-gulp-1969

  2. Wonderful news...it is an impressive group!Congrats..sorry it is late I didn't read the fine print.