This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Aug 27, 2009


WEST (sink) WALL
I painted murals on the walls of our main bathroom , in acrylics of course. This was back when we didn't have personal computers, much less digital cameras. I've only these two photos that have survived, that I can find at any rate. The actual tile stopped at four feet, the ledge is painted. A photographer friend, Bob Giard, and fellow teacher at Southampton College, used the bathroom as a background for posing his subjects. When they weren't posing for him, they wore towels, which was a relief for my husband and I, since we didn't know them. Or even if we did.
Especially if we did.
A few of the photos were published in a book, "New American Nudes", and I scanned them from my copy. I'm including only one of his portraits, because the second is, as they say, full frontal nudity, and the model is recognizable. I don't have his permission to post the photo, or the publisher's for that matter.


When I inquired about the murals several years ago, I was pleased to learn from the new owner that they were in perfect condition. Surprised and pleased, because it is, after all, a bathroom. And in a humid part of the country, Watermill, Long Island.
I painted Bob a few years later in a suit of armour, which can be seen on my website. http://www.margerycaggiano.com/


  1. I love it! Very cool that it survived... many of us who've done mural work have had it painted over. The Trompe-l'œil of the tiles is marvelous.

    So the sky with bird mural above the half hidden model in the photo... that must be your beautiful work, too?

  2. Thanks LM and RG. Yes I did the whole room including the ceiling. Not shown was a favorite, a clown fish(Nemo)hanging out around the toilet paper roll.
    This was when I learned that when burned out,or blanked out on easel painting, do something that can't be shown or sold.
    Well I guess it was shown after all.
    I've never done a commissioned mural.