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Aug 24, 2009


Still Life-Paul Cezanne
I've been watching DVDs about artists via Netflix. When you do a search for "artists"- one name on the list is Con. I like that.
This week I watched "Three Colour Cezanne". I kid you not. A BBC production. It goes without saying, because there's a U in Colour.
So we have Mafioso artists? Three Colour Cezanne, , Vinnie The Ear?
Joe Bananas and Eggs Benedict were amateurs and don't count.
Being Italian is no longer a criteria.
I mean Marlon Brando as The Godfather? Come on now.
Why is it that the DVDs about artists come equipped with heavenly music (No wonder people whisper in galleries) that's supposed to be background music, and isn't? It usually drowns out the dialogue, which is at times heavily accented. Without the benefit of closed captioning.
(If I had that option and a mute button, I'd go to the movies more.)

THE BATHERS Paul Cezanne
Back to that particular Cezanne DVD. Flawed, but interesting, since I recognize his importance in Cubism; but he's never been one of my favorites, (except for the wonderful apples and such), therefore my knowledge of his personal life is limited. A little intriguing gossip, an implied connection, between his nude bathers, his boyhood swimming with Emile Zola, his lifetime hatred of being touched, all on the DVD.
It comforts me to know that the Art Gods are human. Boy, aren't they.

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