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Oct 25, 2009


Chesapeake Waterway photo - Margery Caggiano

I've been playing tourist for a week, staying on Tilghmans Island, MD, and investigating nearby Easton and Saint Michaels. I've missed being near the waters of Long Island.
The Chesapeake Bay alone was worth the trip.

Oxford from the Ferry photo - Margery Caggiano

D.Cheney and D.Rumsfeld supposedly have second homes in Saint Michaels, but the house in the above photo seems more likely for either or. Easton is as beautiful as they say, more than a town, less than a city, and very much attuned to the arts. But Saint Michaels is funkier and more to my liking.

Think I'll move........


  1. ...can I come too? I loved it there...glad you enjoyed the sea.
    Did you see the AWA show at Easton's South Street gallery?

  2. They need a short(or not) term rental for artists that includes a studio.Don't you think? Its all about eating crabs and shopping.
    Yes I saw the show, I guess. Too crammed, too bad.

  3. Too bad it was crammed... it being : the work was or the people looking at it???LOL It is a small gallery for such an auspicious show. Glad you had good food and shopped a bit.
    You are right about the artist accomodations...hey...there is an idea for a business, huh?

  4. Crammed with art.Size limitations in shows like this also tend to give a sameness to the walls.
    The "all about eating crabs and shopping" remark was sarcasm(sorry)meant to convey that in ads, brochures etc,tourists did little else.
    My favorite painting was hanging in an Easton restaurant called Into The Fire.Pretty good pizza as well.