This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Nov 19, 2009


I was checking my links on Google, as I do occasionally; it confirms my existence, which I sometimes question.
I paint therefore I am.Lo and behold there's a link that's new to me, a connection that caused me to say huh? It seems that the Smithsonian Institution has a research information system, the acronym is SIRUS. Narrowed down, in my case, to the American Art Portrait Gallery. Since you rarely know where your paintings will end up, I was at the wow stage. But it was a catalog in their “vertical files”-a photo of a painting, with the title “Duality”, and my name.
Oh well. I emailed the registrar and inquired.
“Peter A. Juley (1862-1937) and his son Paul P. Juley (1890-1975) headed the largest and most respected fine arts photography firm in New York from 1907 to 1975. Their clients included museums, galleries, schools, art dealers, private collectors, and nearly every major artist of the period. The Smithsonian American Art Museum acquired the Juley Collection from Paul Juley, just prior to his death in 1975.”
One of his clients was the Audubon Artists Society, and he photographed the paintings in their Annual Juried National Exhibition, which is still held every year in NYC.
”Duality”, the painting in question, was a (sort of) portrait of fellow artist Edith Borax Morrison. It was acrylic, and was 40 x 48”.

I entered it in the 24th Audubon Artists Juried National Exhibition in -gulp-1966. It received a Medal of Honor.

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