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Nov 20, 2009


This was in the Letters section of the Artists Magazine last month. I read it for the first time yesterday, and am repeating it here in its entirety in case anyone else missed it, or doesn't subscribe.

"I'm very disappointed that The Artists Magazine is once again featuring a contest for the over-60 crowd. Here's my question:Why give extra points for the artist who's not able to compete with 20-year-olds? I find it distasteful. Art should be celebrated for art itself, not for the age of the artist. Why not keep contests open for all to enter? If the winner is then found to be half senile, to have partial vision and to create art while leaning on a cane-then you can celebrate the artist! Until then, please stop with the categories (both young and old)."
Helen Tucker
Via e-mail

An Open Letter To Helen Tucker
Dearest Helen,
I figured you for a sulky artist of course, and googled your name but could only come up with a bikini model on YouTube. (true) One Who Paints?
Which pretty much explains your attitude, if you're one and the same.
But you're right, I can't compete with any 20 year old in a bikini contest.
I'm also completely senile and proud of it.
Yours truly,
detail from 21 ARTISTS OVER 60, The Artists Magazine, March 2008

PS This blog insures that the brain of Helen Tucker will show up on a search or two for a long time. So sue me. I'm senile.


  1. Hip HIp(REAL HIP not a replacement;-) ) Hooray!for this post Margery.

    Thanks for posting the letter as I only saw a reply to it in this month's issue. I was appalled to think that someone would actually print such nonsense.Thought of you immediately and what you would say or think. Now I know, and again am in awe of your wise retort.

  2. Thanks Cathyann, It was a real effort to control myself. And yes, why would the magazine publish such insulting crap?

  3. I assume they publish it for the same reason talk radio programmers put insulting "mouths" on the air -- to generate discussion. Never mind that it spreads rampant stupidity and hostility. I can only hope that this woman lives long enough for karma to come back and bite her in the... ahem, whatever!!

  4. Maybe she'll change her tune when she's past the 60 mark herself.

  5. Trust me, she'll collapse at 40

  6. I am wondering if the illustrious Ms. Tucker takes time out of her busy, professional day to write scathing letters to other themed competitions whining about them! Does she even know how many themes there are? Nudes only, California residents only, COMPETITIONS FOR 30 AND UNDER, pastels only, oils only, works on paper only. I could go on. How would she find time to paint or whatever it is she does, if she is so busy trying to make every competition generic?!!!How boring this life would be if there weren't themes! Is she a white supremacist too? (Can you tell I am a hair over 60?)

  7. Have you ever seen an exhibition limited to Middle Age artists?
    Would you lie about your age to get in if you were young?
    Would you want it on your resume?

  8. I too read Helen Tucker's comments. I'm not 60 something yet, but I have some observations for her to consider (if she ever reads this). One, artistic development is never furthered by stereotyping and cutting yourself off from other groups of artists. Two, creating art shouldn't be about competition. it should be about personal expression.

    For an artist to be taken seriously, they should be willing to do things on a daily basis that put them outside their comfort zone. That's how you grow as an artist.

    Oh, and Leonardo didn't complete the Mona Lisa until just before he died at age 67.

    Lori T.