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Nov 27, 2009


MUTANT CHICKEN 24 x 18 Oil on Panel (c) Janet Culbertson

This is a good time to talk turkey (sorry), but I'd rather introduce an artist and friend, who is a dedicated environmentalist who puts her money where her mouth is, art wise. Janet Culbertson in her studio on Shelter Island, NY.

When I saw the painting of the nude chicken in her studio I thought she (how clever) invented it, but learned from her that, unfortunately, they do exist ( and not pleased let me add). They're engineered for countries that are too warm for raising poultry with feathers. The eventual oven is pretty warm too, but by that time the poor things are not only nude but, hopefully, dead.

I never thought I'd want to knit a sweater for a chicken...

I first met Jan when we were two of the four women chosen in 1980 to exhibit in "FOUR" at the Heckscher Museum in Huntington, LI, NY. The other two artists were Joyce Stillman Meyers and Susan Zises.

Malcolm Preston wrote in Newsday: "Each year, with funds provided by the New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for The Arts, the Creative Artists Public Service Program awards fellowships to artists working in various categories. Four of those CAPS recipients are currently showing their works at the Heckscher Museum in Huntington. it is interesting to note that all four are, to some degree, realists. all four, too, by the way, live, work and have exhibited frequently on Long Island."

And, in the part of the review that refers to her work: "There is in Janet Culbertson's work a real concern for nature, for preserving the ecological balance, for protecting endangered species. Her large, beautifully textured mixed- media drawings include several of her earlier works like "Resting Tortoise" and "Iguana." Very skillfully handled, they affect a fossilized, prehistoric look, but really they ask us to respect those early residents of our planet and not destroy them, and perhaps ourselves, through carelessness."

Her paintings, drawings, philosophy and travels can be seen and read about on her website, along with an amazing resume. http://www.janetculbertson.net/

PS If you don't know what a Henway is, ask around.

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