This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Feb 24, 2010


DORIS 56 x 30 Acrylic on CanvasThis is another figurative painting done on old window screen frames. (See previous post)
This is of my second daughter , done when she was about 19.
If you're inclined to work bigger, two screens can be attached, in this case giving you a size of 60" x 56". A little square for my taste.
The alternative is 30" x 112", OK for a trapeze act.
Or, horizontally, a panoramic landscape.
The wood was usually painted white and well seasoned. Just be sure to remove all evidence of screening. And I wouldn't strip them, lead paint or primer was almost certainly used in the old screens. These days, when permanent storms and screens or double pane windows replace them in so many old houses, there should be sources for the discards.
Every area has salvage yards, for instance, which are fun even if you don't find frames. When Interstate 95 was run through Stamford, Connecticut, (and a lot of other towns of course,) hundreds of old houses were demolished, and a huge salvage yard emerged; thriving on stained glass windows, claw foot tubs, gingerbread, etc.
I'll ask my CT connection, is it still there?

Feb 20, 2010


VINCE 56x28 Acrylic on Canvas
At one time we lived on Accabonac Highway, The Springs, in East Hampton. About a hop and a hoe handle down the road (one of my mates' favorite expressions) was the East Hampton Town Dump. ......Sorry, they're now landfills.
It was a fun place to cruise and peruse................ Sorry, it's now called dumpster diving.
The town finally noticed that more things were leaving than coming in, and put a stop to the shopping. You'd think they'd be grateful. I was happy to discover lots of discarded window screens, strong and solid and even cross-braced. Stretchers for paintings at the time were either custom made, therefore expensive, or very lightweight. I cut out the screening, put lattice wood around the edges to off-set the canvas, and stretched away. I adapted to the sizes by doing figures such as Vince.
To add some pizazz to the open shirt (oh please) I added crosses and used gold leaf on one. Oddly, I was told later by someone who knew him, (I didn't) that he usually wore a cross on a chain, but not on the day that I took the photo. I think it was in Montauk. I had a studio/gallery there one summer. Don't ask.

Feb 15, 2010


ORANGE FIELD 8 x 10" Oil on Board (C) Margery Caggiano
When I do something fast and colorful and easy to live with-I wonder why I don't do more like this, and more often.
Am I such a masochist that I have to agonize over a painting before I take it seriously?
I've always tended to dismiss paintings that seem to come too easily, possibly afraid of becoming facile. Yeah, so?
This was done on gessoed masonite, starting with a brush and then what the hell, laying the paint on with a painting knife.
It's only PAINT, after all.
As a result of the painting being on my website, I got an email from a "student" in the Midwest who liked it and asked if I'd send her a larger image, meaning (she hoped) higher resolution.
To repeat. I don't think so .

Feb 9, 2010


My deck with cat door. Hah.
If this looks familiar, it is, only more so. Almost 30 inches this time, with more expected today.
This is for anyone that pops into my blog from warmer climates, who, if they've heard of Virginia, think it's in the South.
My driveway, from inside of my garage. Thanks to a local farmer.
The scoop was brought to within an inch of my car, lowered, and then dragged backwards.
Now I know why guys stand around and watch machines.

Feb 4, 2010


THE ACTOR Pablo PicassoYou may have read about the poor woman who stumbled into this Picasso painting at the Met.
The painting is valued at $80 million dollars. It received a (fixable) 6 inch tear as a result.
(I'm sure her life insurance is for much less.) She will also never live it down, which is no way to attain your allotted 15 minutes of fame. But just think of the complications, as it were, if she had stumbled into a Damien Hirst vat of formaldehyde. (previous post)
Would the inevitable result be
TITLE: An Adult Ed Student in a Vat of Formaldehyde?
Medium.? Hmmmm.
At least she would get to travel.