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Apr 7, 2010



Jackie Curtis and Rita Red 60x42 Oil (c) Alice Neel

Alice Neel in her studio

The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston has organized a retrospective named "Alice Neel:Painted Truths", on view March 21 thru June 15, 2010. It will then travel to the UK and Sweden. Only.
Tch tch I say.
Alice Neel died in 1984 at the age of 84. Her grandson, Andrew, filmed a documentary (available on Netflix), of her life and work that is extraordinary. But then she led an extraordinary life.
I've put off doing this blog because the issues she had to deal with, and still manage to keep painting boggle the mind. What to include? Where to start?
From her beginnings as a student in Philadelphia, where women were forbidden to paint the nude male model? (In 1886 the Penn. Academy of Fine Arts fired director Thomas Eakins for removing the loincloth of a male model while female students were in the class) (It is still, to my knowledge, common for life drawing sessions to cover the males but not the females)
On that note, my next blog will include my "six degrees of separation" regarding a very remote connection to Alice Neel and a nude male, or is it male nude? There's a difference there.
The books of her work are available on Amazon, one is $150, the other $250. Out of reach.
Luckily http://www.aliceneel.com/ is a comprehensive website


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  2. No commercials please
    Meanwhile, try to improve your grammar

  3. Cagg, you can always delete posts of which you don't approve (for commercials, bad grammar, poor spelling, or any other infraction, of which I am sure I am guilty of the latter 3 multiple times).

    Meantime, thanks for bringing the importance of Alice Neel to the forefront and I look forward to the next post.

    On the nudity note, I've never seen a loin cloth on any male model in the five various colleges/art schools that I attended (70's-80's). Though on a few, a full body covering would've been much appreciated (or at least a good waxing).

  4. RG-I left the post as an example of stupid, I guess. One a year is allowed.
    The only life drawing sessions that I've been to were artist's studio groups or art leagues etc. When,in one case, as women, we demanded equality and the guy took it all off,we had some pretty interesting drawings.He ran for mayor of East Hampton a few years later.