This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Dec 23, 2011


In 1997 there was a small family reunion, don't ask, in California.
(The people were normal size, just not many of us.)
We stayed in a motel in Laguna Beach, a real treat for me. It had a balcony that overlooked the Pacific ocean. The first morning I sat contentedly drinking coffee and waiting for the sunrise. Duh. After a lifetime of sunrises over the Atlantic I felt entitled to forgive myself.
I decided to explore the town and stopped short at a gallery filled with a wonderful explosion of color, it was if I had died and gone to art heaven.
I had stumbled on a solo show of one of my favorite landscape painters, Wolf Kahn, and the gallery was The Diane Nelson Gallery. Not a single painting, or a book, or Google Images, but the real thing wall to wall.Wow.
Dancing Trees    20x28 Pastel  by Wolf Kahn
I don't know that a museum show would have had the same impact. There is something about large paintings in an intimate setting that pull you in.
Much has been written about his lush pastels, his lyrical landscapes, but I'll let a few images and my memories fill this space.
Later that same day I went back to the gallery with my son and his fiance.He saw my excitement I guess, and went to the desk to ask about the price of a particular painting I was in love with.(I had a birthday coming up)
                                  HO $40,000. or so HO
Freud,schmoid, as long as he's a good boy and loves his Momma.? Oh well.
Wolf Kahn at work
What I originally intended to blog about, an uncharitable piece about all the little Wolf Kahn Wannabees out there, etc, will have to be Part Two. In the course of researching dates etc I discovered that Wolf Kahn is currently showing at the Addison Ripley Gallery in DC. 12/9/2011 to 1/21/2012
Now is that serendipitous or what?
                                       Now to get myself there.

Dec 7, 2011


In the almost year that I've lived here, I've been getting involved in the local art community, which has been so far, nearby Easton. In this case, The Avalon Foundation, the folks that bring that hugely popular Plein Air Easton to life.
It's been a tradition to hang banners from the downtown lamp posts from July until December, at which time they are taken down, separated, and auctioned.
Make no mistake about it, these are signed paintings, not reproductions, done on both sides of a doubled 40x32 canvas.
There are about 44 artists involved, which gives The Avalon Theater 88 paintings to hang, promote, and hopefully profit by. Not to mention a percentage to the artists. Now that's a refreshing concept.

           For the first time this year, they're taking bids in advance online.
                All banners can be seen there, click each image to enlarge.
               You can also follow the bidding.  I can't stop peeking.

This is TORN BANNER A.M. oil on canvas copyright Margery Caggiano

              And TORN BANNER P.M. oil on canvas copyright Margery Caggiano

I was initially uneasy about the banners braving the elements, but the people in charge took them down temporarily when a (the) hurricane was expected.
The live auction and party will be held December 10 in Easton.
                    All are welcome.!!!! New video via Youtube

Nov 17, 2011


Well, two anyhow.
It's been awhile, so I need to play catch up, get the rust out, blow away the cobwebs of my mind.
Nice song title, that last one.
Funny, but I thought that when I stopped writing, people would stop reading. Go figure.
I see that my last blog was about my cat, so I won't bore the dog lovers, much less any readers who think they are visiting a painting blog, except to say that I rescued two basket cases in March, cats that is. I'll wait awhile on that topic.
Meanwhile I'll post a painting that was done in early spring, and promise both of you that I'll blog more often. I'll leave the meaning of the painting to you.

Young Girl in Black   18x24    Oil over Acrylic/On Linen
copyright 2011 Margery Caggiano

Apr 19, 2011


It's been almost a year since I've posted anything. But stuff happens, and I need to write about a perfect cat.

Bo was a girlfriends' gift to my son, (no comment here) who traveled a lot, lived in a condo, and would rather get a hole in one than a pet. Having no previous experience with a cat, he taught him to fetch. And let him explore the balcony of his condo, figuring that animals pretty much stayed to confined areas. Ha.
A challenge to any red-blooded cat, particularly this one, who more than once ended up on the roof , or stuck on a ledge.
A few years later Bo left California and moved in with us, for obvious reasons. We promptly changed his name from Beau to Bo. Luckily, for unlike most cats, he came when he was called.
At the time we were living on a small farm in rural Virginia, and had two other cats. A haven, and heaven for Bo, of wild turkeys, raccoons, woodchucks, blacksnakes, and mice of course. Occasionally eyed from above by The state bird of Virginia, the Turkey Vulture.
I might add that at one time or another all of the above used the cat door, except for the vultures, who kind of hung around and waited.
An aside: Oddly, the local hospital was plagued by vultures that set up shop in the trees behind the building. Between the hospital and the nursing home actually. They tried everything but couldn't get rid of them, last I heard. Not too good for patient morale, ya think? I'm not sure I want to know what the vultures got out of it.
At any rate, we moved several times over the years, always an adventure for a curious cat. (See previous blog, My Cat is 80)
And finally, and sadly, for the past 5 years it has been just him and me. We took walks after dinner, like the geriatrics that we were. And of course, if you're a cat that thinks you're a dog, you like to take walks. Heel, even.
This past December, in the midst of moving to a new life in a new state, Bo died of what turned out to be lung cancer. At least he made it to 18, and they were good years.
So this is a tribute to my best buddy.