This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Nov 17, 2011


Well, two anyhow.
It's been awhile, so I need to play catch up, get the rust out, blow away the cobwebs of my mind.
Nice song title, that last one.
Funny, but I thought that when I stopped writing, people would stop reading. Go figure.
I see that my last blog was about my cat, so I won't bore the dog lovers, much less any readers who think they are visiting a painting blog, except to say that I rescued two basket cases in March, cats that is. I'll wait awhile on that topic.
Meanwhile I'll post a painting that was done in early spring, and promise both of you that I'll blog more often. I'll leave the meaning of the painting to you.

Young Girl in Black   18x24    Oil over Acrylic/On Linen
copyright 2011 Margery Caggiano

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful color in that painting.
    I look forward to knowing about your new cats.