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Jan 4, 2012


Syd is in his prime. Tall (at times) dark, and handsome, with an aquiline nose and startling blue Paul Newman eyes.
He's hopelessly in love however, with an older woman. She is, as well, small and shall we say ...pudgy, with too much eyeliner and a volatile temperament.When she's happy, she runs. When she's really happy, she drools. Not a pretty sight when there are missing teeth.
Syd has tried everything in an effort to be near Millie, but is roundly rejected, even spit at. In desperation, he tried jumping into bed with her, big mistake. So he's reduced to stalking her, which doesn't help his case. If she could open the front door, he'd be out of here in a hummingbird heartbeat.
Maybe he doesn't know he's been neutered. Maybe he doesn't know she has. Either he's not very bright, doesn't care, or is just plain lonely.
Rescues are like the Gump box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.
Syd (nee' Sagwa) was picked up on the street about a year ago, terrified, starving and flea-bitten. Labeled by the shelter as a Siamese.
Millie (nee' Camilla), a Dilute Tortoise, had been in the shelter for six months, "left behind" by a family that moved, or something. At seven plus, she was considered elderly and therefore not easily adoptable.
Last March, feeling cat-deprived , I signed for Millie, saw Syd watching me with those eyes, and said what the hell. She tore around the house, in heaven. He hid wherever he could.
On the advice of my vet, I tried confining him (Syd, not the vet) so that he would know who was feeding him. Good move.
So Syd turns out to be a purebred Natural Mink Tonkinese.Wow.
Millie, his lady love
Postscript: Millie still snores, but her bad dreams have stopped.


  1. Great posts! Glad you are back in form with that wonderful writing and sense of humor, Margery. The photos of the lovers, are great as well.

  2. Thanks C. But "lovers" implies mutual consent. I fear this is a permanent one way street.

  3. Some girls are so fuckin mean! Libby totally ignores neighbor poodle Rusty, but tries to play with neighbor boston terrier Collie, who is petrified of her! Libby hates our cat Memee who either purrs at her or bites her depending on his mood.Libby has a very good recipe for cat pie if you're interested

  4. Maybe its a matter of wanting what you can't have?
    As far as cat pie, is it the finger size,or bigger, hairball left where you can't see it until you've stepped on it? Got that, thanks.
    Thats the silent barf. Usually cats can get pretty theatrical.
    In fact, I know a few people that could use a good barf.