This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Apr 24, 2012


I never thought I'd want to paint a four month old baby. I couldn't imagine doing something that would have personality (babies don't have a lot, right?)(wrong), or imagine that I could avoid doing a too cute or sentimental portrait of an almost newborn. A challenge however, not to mention a commission.
Challenges are good for my painting, and commissions support my habit.
It had to be done from a photo of course, and assuming that like a lot of babies, there was only peach fuzz for hair, I suggested a hat of some sort  for color or texture. When several photos arrived by email, I was pleasantly surprised. I did become somewhat cross-eyed attempting to paint crocheting.
 I think she has pizazz- and a happy grandmother.
So here's Lily, cute? Yes. Adorable? Certainly.  Fine Art? Who cares.
                                            LILY           10 x 8"                    Oil on Linen
                                                        Copyright  Margery Caggiano

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