This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Apr 18, 2013


I wanted to add a few more remarks on the benefits of making your own panels.
Although cutting the board into stock sizes seems obvious, an added bonus is that you can cut a panel specifically for an uncommon sized frame. I collect frames from anywhere I see them as long as they're a deal. Throw the art out, keep the frame kind of thing. Many years ago, in my previous life, at the Greenwich Village sidewalk show, I watched as a man bought a bad copy of the Mona Lisa (by definition, any copy of the Mona Lisa has to be bad), which thrilled the artist for a few minutes. As he walked away he removed the painting, threw it in the trash bin, and tucked the frame under his arm. Had to be an artist.
I stopped at a country yard sale a few years back and spotted a well painted landscape with, yawn, sheep.
It was in a custom made- real gold leaf- frame.About 16x20. Dazzling. I asked the price. $10. Whee. I hesitated  for a nanosecond. Should I have haggled?
My other reason for making my own panels is the so called stock sizes of stretchers and frames. My surface of choice is stretched linen that I've done myself. On smaller sizes, it's easier to buy an already stretched canvas, than to do it yourself. Either way, there are many ready-made frames available for stretched paintings.
BUT, with some exceptions
The people who make the stretchers don't talk to the people who make the frames
You'd think that if you are making stock- sized stretchers you'd know to leave a little room for the canvas, so ideally a pair of 16" stretchers should in actually be 15 and 3/4. After it's stretched you can peg it out if you need to. And to compound this 'who cares' philosophy, a stock size 16x20 frame is 16x20, no more, sometimes a little less. aaarrrggghhh. 
Another  reason for making your own panels is that you can use both sides. ( And a good reason for not wrapping your canvas around the edges.) So if you bombed on one side, you've got another. Who me? Bomb?
While I'm at it. A painting done on a panel, as long as its under 9x12, is so much easier, and more accurate as far as color and exposure, to scan on your printer/copier or scanner-compared to photographing.
....................It had better be dry.


  1. You are the realist artist/person I have ever known. I mean YOU are real, as well as your paintings. Your writing is like your painting, Clean, straightforward, honest, interesting, informative and ....funny.