This will be about my views on what it takes to put a three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. With a lot of digressing.
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Aug 23, 2014


Well, I was busy this past year. But everything has come to a screeching halt. Screech isn't an appropriate word. It's not a red-light kind of thing.
Since I don't do Twitter or Facebook I figured I'd better start blogging again. I had thought of starting an email/newsletter, since I've been told it's a good thing to do. I can only go by my own reaction to newsletters. At first I'm intrigued, then hope I'm not being hustled. But I did sign up, didn't I? 
I think there's enough exposure and information  on my website.
I'm always pleasantly surprised at how often I have visitors, and especially, the range of countries that visit. Thank you, Google Analytics.

                                 CHESAPEAKE WETLANDS   Acrylic on Linen    24 x 36

This was painted last fall  and shown in "Art in The Armory" during Easton MDs' huge and crowded Annual Waterfowl Festival. Happily it sold, but I was kind of sad to see it go so soon. It was fun to paint, I  jumped in initially with a sponge, which is not something I recommend for the faint hearted.  Anyhow.
The Waterfowl Festival is supposed to celebrate nature, waterfowl (duh), sports that include shooting said waterfowl, stuff like that.
I happen to enjoy painting sea gulls. Although mine were usually bay gulls. (sorry). It seems that they're not considered Waterfowl. It also seems that they're not targets. Endangered? I shouldn't think so. I asked around and finally learned that they taste like fish. Is that such a bad thing? There are probably a lot of gulls that taste more like Happy Meals. Something for everyone.

                                            LITTLE GULL       Oil on Canvas       8 x 10